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Mobile Contents

As mobile channels emerge as new growth drivers for home shopping, Lotte Homeshopping strives to attract customers by offering unique content. With a concentration on planning mobile live broadcasting programs and expanding collaborations with renowned influencers, Lotte Homeshopping is further enhancing the distinctiveness of mobile broadcasts.


“,” Mobile Live Broadcasting Exclusive Channel

Lotte Homeshopping operates a mobile live broadcast channel “,” emphasizing customer-centric screen layouts and innovative content planning to strengthen its competitiveness in the mobile channel landscape. Based on the new concepts of “LOOK,” “LIKE,” and “LINK,” “” offers an optimized shopping experience. Generating interest and engagement across diverse age groups from millennials and Generation Z to middle-aged adults, fosters real-time communication by offering differentiated product planning through collaborations with affiliates, providing unique content featuring influencers, and expanding support for partner-owned broadcasts.


YouTube Entertainment Channel “LHLH STUDIO”

In February 2023, Lotte Homeshopping launched its YouTube channel “LHLH STUDIO” to enhance its content competitiveness. By featuring beauty, mukbang (eating shows), and music entertainment with popular celebrities, the channel reached 180,000 subscribers in just six months. It plans to continue presenting content that reflects trends and strengthen its content commerce competitiveness by selling the featured products across various Lotte Homeshopping channels.


Lotte Homeshopping Official YouTube Channel “Lotube”

In 2024, Lotte Homeshopping revamped its official YouTube channel and rebranded it as “Lotube.” The channel showcases products featured on TV home shopping through shorts, and engages with customers by sharing interesting content such as live broadcast bloopers and behind-the-scenes stories.

IP Business

Lotte Homeshopping is conducting new businesses using its own IP, Lucy and Bellygom.

Virtual Model ‘Lucy’
Virtual Model ‘Lucy’2

Virtual Model ‘Lucy’

“Lucy,” the virtual human developed by Lotte Homeshopping, is the industry's first virtual model created by the company's in-house professionals since September 2020 as part of its metaverse business. Incorporating “3D asset” technology, which seamlessly blends virtual faces onto real-life images, and utilizing hyper-realistic modeling capable of depicting even skin fuzz, Lucy has gained popularity for her lifelike appearance. Lotte Homeshopping aims to expand the activities of Lucy, who can now engage in real-time bidirectional communication through technological advancements, as a prominent icon in the metaverse.



“Bellygom” was created from an internal venture program targeting the millennials and Generation Z employees. It is a character based on the concept of "a bear that brings laughter into everyday life," aiming to provide joy and comfort to people. Currently, Bellygom offers various video contents on social media platforms like YouTube to resonate with the public, and is diversifying its business into areas such as public exhibitions titled “Amazing Bellygom,” merchandise, and NFTs. We plan to pursue global expansion through global content platforms and develop Bellygom as an independent brand.

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