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Customer Services

Service Infrastructure

Lotte Homeshopping strives for customer satisfaction through a customer-first system and service.

Digital ARS

Digital ARS

In October 2022, Lotte Homeshopping established a digital ARS for customers who utilize ARS services. Customers can place orders, cancel them, return items, and track deliveries while looking at the mobile phone screen. A convenient login service is provided to enhance customer convenience and streamline mobile orders.

Talk Order

In January 2018, Lotte Homeshopping launched the “Talk Order” service to offer a wider range of services in response to the changing environment. With this service, customers can conveniently place orders without waiting and efficiently address customer needs such as order confirmation, changes, delivery tracking, cancellations, and returns at any time and from any location, without the need to contact a customer service representative.

Contact Center

Contact Center

The Lotte Homeshopping Customer Service, operated by approximately 400 employees in Busan and Daegu, offers a “One-stop Consultation” service where professional representatives handle orders, basic inquiries, and customer complaints all at once.

Lotte Homeshopping prevents potential risks such as failure to meet delivery deadlines that could lead to customer complaints, and has been focusing on innovative service development using digital technologies. An example of this is a “Catch-up Call” that sends mobile shopping guide messages to customers who are waiting on hold to prevent them from abandoning the call.

Lotte Homeshopping Contact Center aims to expand its services in response to changing demands, transitioning into an AI call center that leverages artificial intelligence and big data.


Smart Pick Service

ordered from the Internet shopping mall “Lotte iMall” at its affiliate 7-Eleven store. From March 2018, the service area has been expanded to allow customers to pick up products ordered from all channels of Lotte Homeshopping (TV, online, mobile, T-commerce, etc.) at convenience stores, department stores, and Hi-Mart.
The number of convenience store pickups through “Smart Pick” averages about 12,000 transactions per month (as of December 2023), and we plan to gradually expand the user base.

Convenience Store Return Service

Since 2014, we have been offering a service that enables customers to return products bought from TV home shopping through our affiliate, 7-Eleven.
To minimize inconvenience for customers such as single-person households and dual-income couples who find it challenging to utilize return services, we offer a service that enables returns at any time via 24-hour convenience stores.
Convenience store return services can be easily accessed through online, mobile, and our Smart Contact Center (call center), allowing customers to receive updates on the progress and the results of their returns via text message.

Safe Delivery Service

We offer the “Safe Delivery Service” to improve the shopping convenience for single-person households and dual-income couples, as well as improve satisfaction by preventing delivery accidents and ensuring safety among female customers.
This service allows customers to receive packages from unmanned parcel lockers near their residential areas without face-to-face interaction with unfamiliar delivery personnel.
Currently, parcel lockers are installed nationwide in Seoul, Gyeonggi, Busan, Jeju, and we plan to expand the availability of parcel lockers through collaboration with local government entities in the future

Eco-Friendly Delivery Service

We use FSC-certified eco-friendly boxes and tape-free delivery packaging to deliver products, and we strive to protect the environment by utilizing 100% water-based cooling agents for fresh product deliveries. Furthermore, we are enhancing our eco-friendly delivery services by pioneering the use of plastic packaging materials derived from plant-based sources, certified by the Ministry of Environment, the first in the industry.

*FSC Certification: A forest management certification system established by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international NGO dedicated to safeguarding forest resources and promoting sustainable forest management.