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Themed Programs

Themed Programs

Lotte Homeshopping delivers joy to customers through broadcasts about the best products with the best show hosts.
the “Choi Yoo-Ra Show” that shares smart housekeeping tips.

Choi Yoo-Ra Show
Luxurious Lifestyle Recommended by Choi Yu-ra

Launched in 2009, the Choi Yu-ra Show has surpassed KRW 2 trillion in cumulative orders, establishing itself as Korea's leading lifestyle program. From renowned domestic and international brands to local specialties, Choi Yu-ra personally selects and recommends only the products she has tried and confidently endorses. Meticulously selected products are sold with candid commentary, conveying sincerity to customers.

Every Thursday at 8:40 P.M / Saturday at 8:20 A.M Link to Choi Yoo-Ra Show

YOUR FRIEND L.SHOW, Korea's Style Recharge Station

L.SHOW is a prominent fashion program featuring world-renowned designer Hwang Jae-geun, along with fashion experts Jeon Go-woon and show host Kim Hye-bin. The latest fashion trends and expertise are showcased, engaging directly with customers to share fashion knowledge from experts. This style show goes beyond product promotion by offering a mix of entertainment, information, and inspiration, ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Every Saturday at 10:30 P.M Link to L.SHOW

Shopping List

Shopping List, launched in 2024, is hosted by veteran Kim Ji-ae, with 24 years of experience, who personally selects and introduces premium products she has used and enjoyed. Trust is earned from customers by providing detailed and accurate information on product quality, real-life reviews, purchase benefits, and services. Kim Ji-ae's candidness and adept hosting skills are among the reasons why The Shopping List is beloved by customers.

Every Tuesday at 7:35 P.M

Young Style
Fresh Air, On Air Young Style

Hosted by fashion specialist Lee Eun-young and Lee Si-woo, a model and broadcaster who won the Best Model Award at the 2017 Korean Model Awards, this program showcases the latest fashion information including exclusive fashion products. With the concept of “communicative, empathetic fashion style show,” it offers the latest trends and styles. The valuable fashion products curated by Young Style enhance trust in Lotte Homeshopping's fashion offerings.

Every Friday at 8:15 A.M Link to Young Style