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Sharing Activities

  • Sharing Relay
    Sharing Relay
    As the representative social contribution program of Lotte Homeshopping, we designate one day of each month as an Angel Day and donate 1,004 won for each order made on that day to nonprofit relief organizations and social contribution foundations selected by Lotte employees. A total of 15 organizations including Um Hong Gil Human Foundation, SOS Children’s Villages, ChildFund Korea, Social Welfare Society, and Holt Children’s Services have signed an agreement with Lotte Homeshopping to participate in this sharing relay. A total of 884,000 customers have participated, and about KRW 1.17 billion has been donated so far.
  • Small Library
    Small Library
    In collaboration with the Salvation Army’s charity pot, we take part in social contribution activities: supplying books, improving facilities and creating eco-friendly learning spaces with various educational programs for children living in isolated areas. From 2013 to now (as of April 2016), we established the Lotte Homeshopping Small Library in forty different places around the country, and we are planning to open additional libraries and offer an internal program for beneficiary children in future.
  • BCPF Contents School
    BCPF Contents School
    We operate BCPF (Broadcasting Content Promotion Foundation) Contents School with the Broadcasting Content Promotion Foundation to support concepts, use, production ability, etc. related to content for those who do not have regular access to this field. It plays a public role in promoting future experts with the production ability to create professional content.
  • Others
    Lotte Homeshopping is expanding social contribution activities globally and performing a variety of sharing activities, such as goods donation and medical services, for disadvantaged people.