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Sharing Activities

  • Small Library
    Small Library
    In collaboration with the Salvation Army's charity pot, we take part in social contribution activities: supplying books, improving facilities and creating eco-friendly learning spaces with various educational programs for children living in isolated areas. From 2013 to now (as of April 2016), we established the Lotte Homeshopping Small Library in forty different places around the country, and we are planning to open additional libraries and offer an internal program for beneficiary children in future.
  • BCPF Cntents School
    BCPF Cntents School
    We operate BCPF (Broadcasting Content Promotion Foundation) Contents School with the Broadcasting Content Promotion Foundation to support concepts, use, production ability, etc. related to content for those who do not have regular access to this field. It plays a public role in promoting future experts with the production ability to create professional content.
  • Hope Kitchen
    Hope Kitchen
    As part of the local community contribution program, Lotte Homeshopping established the cooking facility “Hope Kitchen” in the Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Annex in 2015. Every month, we prepare and deliver side dishes to the underprivileged, including elderly individuals living alone in Yeongdeungpo-gu and those eligible for basic living support. As of December 2023, a total of 60,000 side dishes have been prepared, and 364 sharing activities have been organized. Furthermore, we are implementing various collaborative activities to support vulnerable individuals in urgent need of infection prevention and children and adolescents facing challenges with remote learning.
  • Dream Voice
    Dream Voice
    We operate “Dream Voice,” a project in collaboration with the Korea Foundation for the Disabled to provide visually impaired children with a broader range of learning and educational opportunities. We create voice books tailored to textbooks for visually impaired children, and with the help of volunteer show hosts and broadcasting technicians, we have recorded 160 books as of January 2023. Through our efforts, we have produced and donated 5,200 sets of voice books to 2,100 welfare facilities.
  • Breathable Forest
    Breathable Forest
    To protect vulnerable groups from fine dust and address climate crisis, we are initiating the “Breathable Forest” project to create green spaces within urban areas. Beginning with the establishment of the inaugural forest at Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul in April 2021, we expanded to six eco-friendly forests within Seoul's city center by 2022. Furthermore, by December 2023, we have added three school forests to contribute to addressing fine dust and climate change issues.
  • Ohters
    Lotte Homeshopping is broadening its assistance to the underprivileged through social contribution initiatives. We provide donations to non-profit organizations, participate in charity bazaars, and allocate the proceeds to aid those with low incomes. Furthermore, we engage in a range of support activities for the underprivileged, such as providing support for counseling and psychotherapy for women cancer patients and pediatric patients suffering from depression, and supporting career re-entry for women who have experienced career breaks