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Environment Management

Lotte Homeshopping is intensifying its efforts to promote eco-friendly practices in response to climate change and reduce the environmental impact of corporate operations. By actively engaging in activities such as environmental management system certification, carbon reduction, resource circulation, waste reduction, and eco-friendly campaigns, we are at the forefront of environmentally healthy and sustainable development.

Environmental Management System

Lotte Homeshopping has acquired an Environmental Management System (EMS) based on the international standard ISO 14001.
Building upon this foundation, we will enhance the environmental management system, efficiently mitigate environmental risks, and strive for continuous improvement.

  • Environmental Management System1
  • Environmental Management System2
  • Carbon Reduction

    Breathable Forest

    To protect the vulnerable population from fine dust and address the climate crisis, we are implementing the "Breathable Forest" project within urban areas. Beginning with the creation of the first forest at Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul in April 2021, we expanded to create eco-friendly forests No. 4 to 6 in concentrated fine dust areas within downtown Seoul in 2022. In 2023, we are furthering our efforts to combat fine dust and climate change by creating a total of nine forests, including forests No. 7 to 9, targeting elementary schools as part of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education's carbon reduction pilot schools initiative.

    • 7th Forest 'Songhwa Elementary School'

      [7th Forest 'Songhwa Elementary School']

    • 8th Forest 'Pungnap Elementary School'

      [8th Forest 'Pungnap Elementary School']

  • Resource Circulation

    Waste Fiber Upcycling

    Lotte Homeshopping is constructing eco-friendly libraries by upcycling clothing waste into fiber panels. “Gumi Haepyeong Nuri,” an eco-friendly small library that opened in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do in January 2022, was constructed using one ton of discarded clothing recycled into building materials, including eco-friendly furniture, creating a safe and eco-friendly space for children. In May, two tons of clothing waste and election banners were recycled to establish another eco-friendly small library at the Seoul Namsan Library. Furthermore, in July 2023, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the small library, an eco-friendly small library was established at Seoul Jeongjin School, a special school, using three tons of recycled clothing as fiber panels for the library and play area.

    • 8th Small Library 'Seoul Namsan Library'

      [8th Small Library 'Seoul Namsan Library']

    • 83rd Small Library 'Seoul Jeongjin School'

      [83rd Small Library 'Seoul Jeongjin School']

  • Eco-Friendly Workplace

    Lotte Homeshopping is accelerating the creation of an eco-friendly digital broadcasting environment by introducing the largest media walls in the industry to broadcasting studios and replacing existing halogen lighting with LED lighting. The introduction of the media wall has streamlined the production process for broadcasting programs by eliminating the need for separate sets, thereby reducing waste. Furthermore, the switch to LED broadcasting lighting has enhanced power efficiency. Additionally, the adoption of an eco-friendly food processor has significantly decreased food waste generated during broadcasts.

    • Introduction of Media Wall

      [Introduction of Media Wall]

    • LED Light Replacement

      [LED Light Replacement]

    • Introduction of Food Waste Dispenser

      [Introduction of Food Waste Dispenser]

  • Environmental Cleanup Activities

    In celebration of Marine Day on May 31, 2023, Lotte Homeshopping selected Incheon's Hanage Beach and Wangsan Beach as companion beaches for beach clean-up activities. In November 2023, commemorating the second anniversary of our ESG management declaration, we established the ESG management slogan “A Better Tomorrow Starts with Today's Actions,” expressing our commitment to ESG practices for a better tomorrow, and conducted a plogging activity in the Han River Park area, actively engaging all employees in environmental cleanup campaigns.

    • Wangsan Beach

      [Wangsan Beach]

    • Beach Plogging

      [Beach Plogging]

    • ESG Management Declaration Ceremony

      [ESG Management Declaration Ceremony]

  • Key Indicators

    • Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Status

      (Unit : tCO₂e)

      Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Status Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Status Direct Emissions Indirect Emissions
    • Status of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Intensity

      (Unit : tCO₂e/billion won)

      Emissions intensity: Greenhouse Gas Emissions / Revenue Emissions intensity: Greenhouse Gas Emissions / Revenue Emissions intensity: Greenhouse Gas Emissions / Revenue