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Coexistence Cooperation

Free Broadcasting for Small and Medium-sized Companies

The Free Broadcasting for Small and Medium-sized Companies is a program organized together with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups since 2013 which aims to assist small and medium-sized enterprises without experience in home shopping broadcasts. It offers consulting on entry procedures, commission benefits, and the sale of high-quality products from local SMEs. In August 2021, the program was rebranded as “Together Win-Win House” with the new slogan “Building Value Together” and expanded the broadcasting time by doubling it compared to before, as well as expanding the broadcast channels to include TV and T-commerce. Particularly, Lotte Homeshopping hosts a live broadcast of the program monthly during daytime hours on weekdays to cater to high customer demand, rather than airing pre-recorded shows in the early morning when viewership is typically low.

The selection process for the Free Broadcasting for Small and Medium-sized Companies is conducted through participation in product selection and evaluation sessions organized by the Small and Medium Business Distribution Center. During these sessions, the representative MD from Lotte Homeshopping selects suitable products for broadcast and discusses broadcasting details with partners of related products to finalize the broadcasting plan. Following this, partner companies can proceed with SME free broadcasting by completing new company registration procedures, including partner training and new transaction applications facilitated by Lotte Homeshopping.

*Broadcasting may be delayed or canceled in case of issues such as product quality and inventory problems during the entry process.

  • Step 1
    Small & Medium Business
    Distribution Center Show
  • Step.2
    Selection of products
  • Step.3
    Preparation of broadcasting and
    concept meeting for broadcasting
  • Step.4
    Registration process of new companies(application of new transaction for partner training)
  • Step.5
    Free broadcasting

Fund Support

Lotte Homeshopping cut down the payment date to 7 days, which is the shortest in the industry, after March 2015. To provide more substantial support for partner companies, we run a KRW 100 billion joint growth cooperative fund and KRW 10 billion interest-free fund support. In JUNE 2017 , we expanded the fund from KRW 100 billion to KRW 200 billion, and partners from various categories are currently using this fund. We plan to expand the scope of support and provide more opportunities to other partner companies.

  • Payment in
    7 days (the shortest in the industry)
  • KRW 200 billion of joint growth
    cooperative fund
  • KRW 10 billion of interest-free
    fund support

Expansion of Sales Channels

Drawing on its extensive experience in overseas business, Lotte Homeshopping supports market expansion by showcasing high-quality domestic products, particularly in regions where small and medium-sized enterprises are eager to penetrate.

1:1 Overseas Export Consulting Program

  • Support for SME Product Export
    Managing an online export
    consultation platform (LOTTE TRADE)
  • B2B Consultation Support
    Focusing on multinational clients
    in countries such as Taiwan,
    Vietnam, and Indonesia
  • General Business Agency Support
    Assistance with export
    documentation preparation,
    registration, customs, etc.
  • SME Export Risk Sharing
    Operating with a 100% direct
    purchase model

Overseas Market Development Team

  • Overseas Market Development Team1
  • Overseas Market Development Team2
  • Overseas Market Development Team3

The “Overseas Market Development Team,” established in 2016, is a collaborative growth program that facilitates
connections between domestic SMEs and international distributors.
It aims to assist small and medium-sized enterprises that face challenges in expanding internationally by providing support on local distribution market characteristics, product entry strategies, and product localization consulting in countries like Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Australia. Particularly, the program supports actual market expansion such as facilitating actual contracts through purchase consultations with local distribution vendors.

Startup Incubation Support

  • Startup Incubation Support1
  • Startup Incubation Support2
  • Startup Incubation Support3
Lotte Homeshopping operates the “Design Innovation Lab,” an acceleration program with the Korea Institute of Design Promotion, to discover and support the idea and commercialization of promising domestic startups.
Outstanding start-up teams in the lifestyle and consumer goods sectors are selected and provided with financial support. The program includes consulting from Lotte Homeshopping product planners (MDs) for 6 months.
It also provides support to start-ups that struggle to establish distribution networks through sales channels like TV home shopping, online malls, and T-commerce. Through various business and product development programs such as medium-to-long-term planning, expert education and mentoring, and global expansion, participating companies achieve more than three times the average sales growth after program participation. The initiative has surpassed expectations, generating numerous success stories including securing export contracts, receiving crowdfunding support from major corporations and venture capital, and winning prestigious domestic and international start-up competitions

Stock Sharing

  • Studio Shop
    Studio Shop
    Lotte Homeshopping operates a “Studio Shop” where customers can experience TV home shopping products and services and make direct purchases on the spot. This not only provides customers with an opportunity for affordable shopping but also alleviates inventory burdens of partners struggling to find suitable markets. Since its launch in 2016 with the Icheon-Paju branch (April 2016), followed by the Seoul Station branch (March 2017), Gimhae branch (April 2017), Dong Busan branch (September 2017), and Giheung branch (December 2018), four branches including the Paju branch are currently in operation. These locations serve as a platform to promote shared growth with partners through direct purchases, PB, consignment product sales, and inventory management.
  • Boxing Day
    Boxing Day
    Since July 2015, Lotte Homeshopping has been hosting “Boxing Day” at the end of each month. This event offers discounted scratch items, exhibition products, and popular online carryover items through the Internet shopping mall “Lotte I Mall” to help partner companies boost sales and clear out inventory.

Best Partnership

Lotte Homeshopping offers the best products and services to customers through cooperation with small and medium-sized businesses. Our partners are successfully securing their position within the market and promoting their products through continuous growth.

  • Agricultural Corporation Damwoo Co., Ltd.
    Agricultural Corporation Damwoo Co., Ltd.
    As a social enterprise aiming to enhance the quality of life and create jobs for vulnerable groups, Damwoo produces and sells pesticide-free products from four vegetable-producing farms in Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do. Their flagship products include salad rice and pesticide-free spring greens such as chwinamul (aster leaves), gondre (Korean thistle), and bujikkaengi (amur wallflower), grown under the sunshine and sea breeze of Goheung. They recorded sales of 1,400 sets and revenue of KRW 50 million within 30 minutes of their first launch. Convenient food products proposing a healthy meal for modern people will be continuously released, following CEO Mo Yoon-sook's philosophy, "We will deliver health through the taste of nature.”
  • Cha Maru LLC
    Cha Maru LLC
    First introduced by Lotte Homeshopping, Cha Maru is a local traditional tea house that has grown over ten years, receiving love from locals in Jeongeup, Jeollabuk-do, the birthplace of Ssanghwa tea. They sell products packaged to enjoy tea with chestnut garnish, just as it is consumed locally. Cha Maru recorded the highest viewership ratings during the broadcast on November 16 and continues to show an increase in repeat purchases.
  • Mihwa Co., Ltd.
    Mihwa Co., Ltd.
    Established in 1984, Mihwa Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of household goods, equipped with over 100 types of state-of-the-art equipment. Developing and managing products with excellent performance for their price, they have entered 1,500 domestic stores and sold over 30,000 items. Through Lotte Homeshopping, they launched a value-for-money product lineup with solid components, selling 1,300 sets. Mihwa plans to sell many more products with reliable quality in the future.