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Smart Studio

Lotte Homeshopping Smart Studio is a content incubating space for small and medium-sized businesses in Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do. It offers an MD consulting service related to distribution to create content that can be used in online and offline channels and to increase product values. Since 2014, we have been expanding the market for small and medium-sized businesses in Busan and Gyeongsangnam -do by opening sourcing exhibitions through the Busan Center for Creative & Economy Innovation.

Smart Studio
Smart Studio

Successful case of Smart Studio

승인식품 홈쇼핑 방송 촬영

In 2014, “Seungin Food”, a small manufacturer of sesame oil and perilla oil with sales of KRW 400 million, launched its products through “Lotte OneTV” after meeting with the Lotte Homeshopping MD at the first sourcing exhibition at the Busan Center for Creative & Economy Innovation.With its high quality products and unique containers that look like wine bottles, it recorded sales of about KRW 200 million through Lotte Homeshopping live, and it successfully made its way into various distribution channels with the help of home shopping, marketing sales of KRW 5 billion this year.

1단계: 식품사업의 시작, 2단계: 2대 경영 시작과 판로 확보의 어려움, 3단계 : 창조경제 성공신화 시작, 4단계 창조경제 성공신화의 확대

Free Broadcasting for Small and Medium-sized Companies

Lotte Homeshopping has been offering a free broadcasting service for small and medium-sized businesses each month by signing an MOU with the Small and Medium Business Administration since 2013. Under the title of “One Premium Product from One Company Broadcast”, we select a small and medium-sized company once a month and offer free broadcasting without any costs or commission. Based on the result of the broadcast, the company can have the opportunity to advance to live Lotte Homeshopping.

“One Premium Product from One Company Broadcast” is fulfilled through participation in the product selection show managed by the Small & Medium Distribution Center. At the show, the representative MD of Lotte Homeshopping selects the right products for the broadcast and shares detailed information with the partner company to confirm the broadcast. The partner company can enjoy the benefits of the free broadcast by going through new company registration processes such as partner training, registration of new trade, etc.

  • Step 1
    Small & Medium Business
    Distribution Center Show
  • Step.2
    Selection of products
  • Step.3
    Preparation of broadcasting and
    concept meeting for broadcasting
  • Step.4
    Registration process of new companies(application of new transaction for partner training)
  • Step.5
    Free broadcasting

Fund Support

Lotte Homeshopping cut down the payment date to 7 days, which is the shortest in the industry, after March 2015. To provide more substantial support for partner companies, we run a KRW 100 billion joint growth cooperative fund and KRW 10 billion interest-free fund support. In JUNE 2017 , we expanded the fund from KRW 100 billion to KRW 200 billion, and partners from various categories are currently using this fund. We plan to expand the scope of support and provide more opportunities to other partner companies.

  • Payment in
    7 days (the shortest in the industry)
  • KRW 200 billion of joint growth
    cooperative fund
  • KRW 10 billion of interest-free
    fund support

Overseas Advancement Support

Lotte Homeshopping supports outstanding products of small and medium-sized businesses in Korea by selecting and introducing them to the home shopping markets in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. We selected products that meet the needs of local people such as “Volume Pump Hair BBong”, “KANUDA Pillow”, and “Taeyang Voluming Essence”, and they are receiving positive feedback. In 2014, we played the role of a local branch in China and achieved KRW 10 billion of sales for “SWISS MILITARY Multi-purpose Electric Drill”, which was a hit seller in the home shopping channel in Korea, through distribution channels around China.

China (LuckyPai)

SWISS MILITARY Multi-purpose Electric Drill
‘SWISS MILITARY Multi-purpose Electric Drill’
  • Launched through LuckyPai in 2014
  • channel in China with sales of KRW 10 billion

Vietnam(Lotte DatViet)

Miracle Power Clean Multi-purpose Detergent
‘Miracle Power Clean Multi-purpose Detergent’
Thebm Co., Ltd.
  • Launched through Lotte DatViet in February 2015
  • 4 broadcasts/over KRW 250 million in sales

Taiwan(momo home shopping)

Volume Pump Hair BBong
‘Volume Pump Hair BBong’
W Plus Co., Ltd.
  • Launched through momo home shopping in November 2015
  • 4 broadcasts/over KRW 600 million in sales
‘KANUDA Pillow’
T&I Co., Ltd.
  • Launched through momo home shopping in November 2015
  • 4 broadcasts/over KRW 700 million in sales
Agatha Foundation Pact
‘Agatha Foundation Pact’
COSON Co., Ltd.
  • Launched through momo home shopping in May 2016
  • 2 broadcasts/over KRW 500 million in sales

Best Partnership

Lotte Homeshopping offers the best products and services to customers through cooperation with small and medium-sized businesses. Our partners are successfully securing their position within the market and promoting their products through continuous growth.

  • Seyang Bed System Co., Ltd. - Borneo Bed
    Seyang Bed System Co., Ltd. - Borneo Bed
    Lotte Homeshopping launched the exclusive Borneo Bed product in December 2011 in collaboration with Seyang Bed System. With a sales record of KRW 21.7 billion, it is growing as the leading brand in the home shopping bed market by offering the newest trends and designs, timely delivery, and the best quality mattresses made with tencel and e-flex.
  • Inner Plan Co., Ltd. - Jocky Bra & Panties
    Inner Plan Co., Ltd. - Jocky Bra & Panties
    Inner Plan, which designs and manufactures professional innerwear, introduced Jocky Bra & Panties through Lotte Homeshopping in March 2014. It releases products with unique patterns, materials, and functionality each season, and leads the domestic lingerie market with impressive sales of KRW 18.7 billion.
  • LIZ K Co., Ltd. - 1st C Vitamin Serum
    LIZ K Co., Ltd. - 1st C Vitamin Serum
    Lotte Homeshopping planned and launched a new beauty product featuring high vitamin C content in March 2014 with LIZ K. “1st C Vitamin Serum” recorded sales of KRW 13 billion after its launch. This product was only made possible after continuous research and investment to develop ways to stabilize vitamin content. It became the hit seller in the Lotte Homeshopping beauty category, hitting number one in sales in 2015.
  • Sense Mom Co., Ltd. – Mattress
    Sense Mom Co., Ltd. – Mattress
    With the benefits of latex and a reasonable price, this mattress is growing in gaining popularity. It is considered as a necessity among mothers of young kids, and it is leading the domestic mattress market with the nickname of home shopping mattress. It has recorded KRW 14 billion in sales and sold out after each broadcast since its launch in May 2015.