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Exclusive Brands

Exclusive Brands

Lotte Homeshopping is strengthening its position as a fashion channel by offering premium products by global brands for reasonable prices and trendy products at the cutting edge fashion.

  • LBL
    Embracing “Daily Luxury” in Everyday Life

    A “Daily Luxury” brand born with the aspiration that everyday life, combined with fashion, becomes a life of elegance and leisure for consumers who know how to make the best choices for themselves. It offers a timeless style that remains true to the inherent elegance of premium materials and adds value that does not change over time.

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  • Georges Rech
    Georges Rech
    French Chic Luxury “Gentle Woman” Style

    A global brand with locations in renowned department stores and boutiques worldwide, including Europe, America, and Asia. It showcases an attractive and elegant French chic style loved by top-class French women, starting from the luxurious style of French women in the 1960s.

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    Connecting Everyday Life and Trends with Diverse Fashion

    Presenting stylish fashion with the concept of “Young and Trendy,” embodying the value of “expressing my true self through fashion”

  • Derek Lam 10 Crosby
    Derek Lam 10 Crosby
    Stylish Casual with a Touch of New York Flair

    A brand born inspired by women strolling through New York's fashion mecca, “Crosby Street,” offering the sophistication and comfort of New York fashion.

  • Paul & Joe
    Paul & Joe
    The French contemporary brand “Paul & Joe,” imbued with the sentiment of Paris, offers unique contemporary looks

    It participates in the Paris collections, garnering attention from celebrities worldwide, and is available in 13 countries globally. It offers a unique style that expresses the free-spirited essence of Paris showcasing its unique patterns and colors from a delightful point of view.

  • Pulda
    Undergarments for my body

    “Pulda” is a brand that emphasizes “comfortable beauty,” such as “unlocking stifling hooks,” “solving women’s underwear problems,” and “freeing my body.” This brand was developed by millennials and Generation Z, taking into account the preferences of female customers in their 20s and 30s who prioritize comfortable lingerie as the body-positive trend.