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The Number One Broadcast

Themed Programs

Lotte Homeshopping delivers joy to customers through broadcasts about the best products with the best show hosts.
the “Choi Yoo-Ra Show” that shares smart housekeeping tips.

Choi Yoo-Ra Show”, a specialized kitchen & living program
with professional house maker Choi Yoo-Ra

Lotte Homeshopping’s representative kitchen and living program has been steadily attracting customers since its launch in 2009. Choi Yoo-Ra personally tries products and only features the ones that she can recommend. She eloquently introduces products she has carefully selected in an authentic way to customers. Average sales are about 30% higher than other programs, even for the same product.

  • Highest amount of order in history: KRW 2.3 billion (Jul. 9, 2015)
  • Highest amount/product per minute: KRW 38 million/Giant King Lobster (Nov. 26, 2015)
  • Fastest sellout: 9,800 sets of Giant King Lobster were sold out in 25 minutes (Nov. 26, 2015)
Thursdays at 8:40 PM / Saturdays at 8:15 AM Link to Choi Yoo-Ra Show

“Jung Show”, a fashion & beauty program
with sellout queen Jung Yoon-jung

This beauty and fashion program is hosted by Jung Yoon-jung, a shopping master who really understands women. She covers all processes from product planning to selection and production, and recommends the best items. With her ability to analyze products along with a variety of shopping products and enjoyable content to watch, it is attracting the most viewers among home shopping channels aired in that time slot.

  • Highest amount of order in history: KRW 9 billion (Nov. 14, 2015)
  • Highest amount/product per minute: KRW 130 million/GEORGES RECH Mustang (Nov. 28, 2015)
  • Fastest sellout: 700 of KAYA Nouveau Bags were sold out in 7 minutes (Apr. 25, 2015)
Season1 : 2014.June~2017.March Link to Jung Show

Customer Participation Broadcasting

Lotte Homeshopping creates collaborative broadcasts through communication with customers.

Customer Participation Broadcasting

Lotte Homeshopping introduces customer-oriented broadcasts with interactive communication.

Customers can communicate with show hosts, production managers, and MD in real-time while watching Lotte Homeshopping broadcasting live via “Baro TV Talk” of “Baro TV”, which is an exclusive app for Lotte Homeshopping. Lotte Homeshopping aims to realize communication and empathy with all customers by displaying questions asked by customers and answers on TV screen in real-time. The number of participants in Baro TV Talk for Lotte Homeshopping’s representative programs such as the “Choi Yoo-Ra Show” is 3,177 per program on average, which is 4 times higher than other programs.

We also offer an easy and convenient shopping environment, implementing a screen design so that customers can quickly find product information such as prices.