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Best Selling Items

Hit Sellers

Here are the hit products among our customer over the past years.

    2016 1st
    585,900 unit
    2016 GEORGES RECH(fashion)
  • Agioe STEFANI
    2015 1st
    500,000 unit
    2015 Agioe STEFANI(fashion)
  • Agioe STEFANI
    2014 1st
    500,000 unit
    2014 Agioe STEFANI(fashion)
  • IOPE
    2013 1st
    436,000 unit
    2013 IOPE(beauty)
  • Persil
    2012 1st
    300,000 unit
    2012 Persil(living)
  • Kraze Burgers’ Steak
    2011 1st
    490,000 unit
    2011 Kraze Burgers’ Steak(food)
  • Lcook
    2010 1st
    290,000 unit
    2010 Lcook(living)
  • Joya Gold
    2009 1st
    200,000 unit
    2009 Joya Gold(jewelry)
  • Hwasook Lee
    2008 1st
    187,000 unit
    2008 Hwasook Lee(fashion)
  • Microfiber bedding
    2007 1st
    430,000 unit
    2007 Microfiber bedding(living)

Exclusive Brands

Lotte Homeshopping is strengthening its position as a fashion channel by offering premium products by global brands for reasonable prices and trendy products at the cutting edge fashion.

    Luxurious “gentle women” style with French chic sensibility

    This global brand has stores in famous department stores and boutiques all around Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Inspired by the luxurious and elegant look of French women from 1960s, it brings a French chic style that accentuates charming and refined women. This brand is beloved by top-class women in France.

    Link to official website
    Premium lace lingerie with a European romantic mood

    Named after the world-renowned “Chantilly Lace”, this premium lace lingerie brand was born in Germany in 1957. It offers a romantic chic style through unique and classic design and feminine sensibility.

    Link to official website
    High-class French look for a relaxed lifestyle

    DANIEL HECHTER represents the delicate sensitivity of the French for people who enjoy their living a relaxed lifestyle.

    Link to official website
    Italian classic casual wear made with premium materials

    PESPOW, an Italian company established in the mid-20th century, pursues traditional classic fashion based on the expertise of clothing masters. It incorporates the sensibility of premium classic wear with the best quality through scientific sewing patterns and various materials.

    Link to official website